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Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH  
About us

Rosenkranz Elektronik was founded in 1951 when the father of the today's company owner, Axel Rosenkranz, was trading with metals. A few years later the inventory has changed to tools and machineries for the private as well as for the professional market. Middle of the 60's the demand of tools and machinery was going down and the inventory has changed again.
Rosenkranz Elektronik was one of the first companies which was able to deliver a wide range of used and refurbished T&M instruments offered by military installations or different government divisions in Germany and the U.S.
At this time nobody had an imagination how this market will develop in the future. The first customers were members of amateur radio clubs that had now the possibility to change their old material to professional equipment in well-tested condition and cosmetically good shape for an acceptable price.
Industrial companies and government-supported universities preferred to buy used instruments for special projects instead of investing a lot of money for new equipment. Rosenkranz Elektronik was able to support universities and high-schools as well as the industry with quality used T&M products from brand names like AGILENT/HEWLETT PACKARD, TEKTRONIX, WAVETEK, ROHDE & SCHWARZ, FLUKE, PHILIPS, ACTERNA, KIKUSUI, ANRITSU, HITACHI, LEADER and many more.
Because of expansion reasons it was necessary for Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH to build a new facility in 1986. Since 1996 the company form changed into Rosenkranz Elektronik, which makes it more effective to do business all over the world.
In 2004 Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH signed a contract with the biggest manufacture in the T&M equipment business, Agilent Technologies, to become the Sourcing partner for their Certiprime models as well as the European Trade in Partner for “Buy Back deals” of used Test&Measurement equipment from the industry. This increases their worldwide sales of their new products. Due to the fact that Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH was very successful Agilent Technologies decided to involve us into the worldwide Trade ins from China, Mexico, U.S.A. etc. to name only a few.
In the same year Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH signed an Asset Management contract with EPCOS including repair, refurbishment and calibration of their T&M equipment they have in use.

Beginning of 2006 Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH signed the biggest contract in their company history to buy all of the Assets of the Siemens Mobile Manufacturing Branch in Hungary with approx. 70 truckloads of T&M equipment and production lines including Pick and Place machines, Chambers etc.

In combination with our existing customer database, sales to other dealers, end-users and via industrial auctions the remarketing of this equipment was fulfilled by end of 2006. Again Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH has to expand into an 1500 square meter warehouse approx. 2 miles away from their Headquarter to store the growing inventory and sell also manufacturing equipment beside the T&M equipment. A new Rack system has been installed in February 2007 to make it possible to store up to 1500-2000 pallets which was necessary because the old system of Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH was running out of space.

In January 2007 Rosenkranz-Elektronik signed a general contract of the Asset Management for the German Telecom and T-Com to remark or scrap their used T&M equipment and industrial Assets.

In 2011/2012 they purchased all of the T&M and manufacturing equipment of ELCOTEQ in Mexiko, St.Petersburg and Romania as a complete factory clearance. Latest project in October 2014 was the complete purchase of one the biggest EMC providers in Germany. Since 2010 the companies made new steps into the future with Axel Rosenkranzs son Frank that started in the company now into the 3rd Generation.

Beside the Asset Management, Industrial Auctions etc. today the company is the No.1 European leader for used and refurbished T&M equipment with more than 35.000 instruments available direct from stock. With European and overseas representatives Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH has a direct access and sales force all over the world.
Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH
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Rosenkranz Elektronik GmbH
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